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  • Toyota Oxygen Sensor

    Toyota Oxygen Sensor

    Toyota (89467-33120) Air Fuel Ratio Sensor is mainly by measuring the oxygen content of the engine exhaust to determine the fuel and air mixture is too thick or too thin, to maintain the concentration of the mixture in the ideal state.

  • Honda Oxygen Sensor

    Honda Oxygen Sensor

    Air Fuel Ratio Sensor FV4A-9Y460-AA FV4A9Y460AA Oxgen Sensor For 2013 Ford Kuga 1.5

  • VW Oxygen Sensor

    VW Oxygen Sensor

    The core of the oxygen sensor is the ceramic component,Our ceramic originals are imported,ensure oxygen sensor quality.

  • Nissan Oxygen Sensor

    Nissan Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen Sensor 226A0-3AA1A/226A03AA1A for Nissan Sunny Tiida Bluebird Sylphy Teana 1,6 2,0

  • Buick Oxygen Sensor

    Buick Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen Sensor 12620176 For Buick Regal Excelle 2.0T Lambda Opel Insignia Tourer

  • Peugeot Oxygen Sensor

    Peugeot Oxygen Sensor

    oxygen sensor works in a high temperature environment and should be replaced when the car travels 100,000 kilometers.

  • Mitsubishi Oxygen Sensor

    Mitsubishi Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen Sensor For Mitsubishi V73 Lambda Probe Sensors Replacement Car Exhaust Gas Fuel Air OEM 234000-8985 2340008985

  • Hyundai Oxygen Sensor

    Hyundai Oxygen Sensor

    39210-26620-06-11-Hyundai accent lower oxygen sensor compared to the use of 80,000km oxygen sensor, fuel-efficient up to 10-15%.

  • Lexus Oxygen Sensor

    Lexus Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen sensor 89465-36040 fit to Lexus gx400/460 lx460/570 can save your money.

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