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What is the data parameter of the oxygen sensor?

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The parameter of the oxygen sensor, which is a voltage value that varies from 0.1 volt to 0.9 volt. When idling, it will maintain a voltage of about 0.78, but it should change 5 to 6 times within ten seconds.

Intake pressure sensor (MAP): Provide a signal to the computer ECU, the ECU will directly output its value after calculation, and the output value will be different depending on the degree of vacuum in the intake pipe, the range is generally 0~5.12V, 0 to 255 kPa or 0 to 75.3 in. Hg.

Inlet pressure sensor, the unit of display data may be KPa, may also be mmHg, may also be mbar, a standard atmospheric pressure is approximately equal to 101KPa, approximately equal to 76mmHg, and 1mbar is equal to 100Pa.

Air Flow Meter (MAF): Provides a signal to the car's computer ECU. The ECU passes its value through calculation or direct output to reflect the total intake air volume, and the output value varies with the amount of intake air. The range is generally 0 to 500 g/s, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 625 ms or 0 to 1600 Hz.

Coolant temperature sensor (CTS/ECT): The engine temperature signal is sent to the ECU, which converts the voltage signal into a temperature reading. The range is generally -40-199 ° C, a 40-248 method or O-5. IV.

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