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VW Spark Plug

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :5-10 working day

Supply capacity :20000pcs/month

Spark plug for  VWMk6 Jetta1.8T 

Recommended to change every 40k miles change your spark plugs to maintain maximum power and efficiency for your engine. The thread workmanship, the ceramic body and the metal body connecting part of the white powder, can be wiped out by hand, powder is sealed washer stamping into the special,if it's fake,is intentionally sticky with glue, so cannot be wiped.

Spark plug feature:

1. Better ignition performance,improve fuel efficiency,accelerate more stable.

2. Platinum electrodes plus a suitable ignition gap,increase the charge focusing effect,Improve ignition,thereby saving fuel,protecting the three-way catalytic converter saves on vehicle maintenance costs.

cars had a lot of ignition parts that today don’t even exist. Like spark plug wires. But no matter how exotic or mundane, all cars still use spark plugs. And spark plugs wear out, now if you know how to read the spark plugs that you take out of your engine, you can determine the general condition of your engine.

VW spark plug

Warranty:12 months

Pakage:Neutral pakage or according to your require

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