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  • High quality Toyota Oxygen Sensor Quotes,China Toyota Oxygen Sensor Factory,Toyota Oxygen Sensor Purchasing
  • High quality Toyota Oxygen Sensor Quotes,China Toyota Oxygen Sensor Factory,Toyota Oxygen Sensor Purchasing
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Toyota Oxygen Sensor

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :5-10 working days

Supply capacity :10000pcs/Month

Toyota (89467-33120) Air Fuel Ratio Sensor is mainly by measuring the oxygen content of the engine exhaust to determine the fuel and air mixture is too thick or too thin, to maintain the concentration of the mixture in the ideal state.

Toyota (89467-33120) Air Fuel Ratio Sensor 

Fit to:Toyota camry 3.0


Number of circuits:4

Thread Size:M18x1.5

Oxygen sensing is an important component on engine that use ternary catalytic converters to reduce

exhaust pollution and now as a standard on the vehicle. In order not to affect the air furl ratio sensor 

chip data,our use no-dust workshop to produce the sensor.

Oxygen sensor advantage:

1. With imported platinum paste, oxygen ions react quickly.Built-in heater with very short light-off 

time.Therefore, the vehicle has enhanced power and better performance,responsive.

2. Oxygen sensor controls the oil control ratio within the optimum range to make the fuel more

 fully,improve fuel efficiency and achieve fuel economy.Reduce pollution and harmful gas emissions.

Oxygen sensors (air-fuel ratio sensors) are a common problem in many vehicles. A P1155 or P1135 

code indicates a bad sensor. This is common in Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks. Learn how to test 

the air-fuel ratio sensor to see if it is bad and then learn how to replace the bad sensor.

oxygen sensors

The oxygen sensor uses ceramic sensitive components to measure the oxygen potential in various heating furnaces or exhaust pipes. The corresponding oxygen concentration is calculated by the chemical equilibrium principle to monitor and control the combustion air-fuel ratio in the furnace to ensure product quality and exhaust emission standards. Measuring components are widely used in various types of coal combustion, oil combustion, gas combustion and other furnace atmosphere control. It is currently the best combustion atmosphere measurement method, with the advantages of simple structure, rapid response, easy maintenance, convenient use and accurate measurement. Using this sensor for combustion atmosphere measurement and control, it can not only stabilize and improve product quality, but also shorten production cycle and save energy.

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