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Spark Plug

Brand :Porsche

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :2-3 working days

Supply capacity :10000 pcs

Spark plug fits:

Porsche 95B Macan S 3.0L / Turbo 3.6L 2014-18

Porsche 958 Cayenne 3.6L V6 Turbo / V6 Turbo GTS 2015-18

Porsche 970 Panamera S 3.0L 2014-16

When to change spark plugs:

1.Engine has a rough idle

2.Having trouble starting your car?

3.Your engine misfires

4.Engine surging

5.High fuel consumption

6.Lack of acceleration

The basic mechanism of Porsche spark plug is to deliver electric currrent to the combustion 

chamber to ignite the compressed fuel. Spark plug is important to have a basic knowledge

about spark plugs and combustion system of a vehicle. 

Spark plug for the normal operation of the engine is very important, according to different kinds 

of spark plug has a certain life, in life, as the growth of the mileage will have some changes, like 

electrode gap, coke formation pollution and so on, especially with the increase of electrode gap 

and the main problems is when idle speed and low speed engine appears irregular shaking, in 

order to achieve the best working state, between 10000 and 20000 kilometers to the spark plug 

for a cleaning and maintenance and adjust the clearance. Spark plug after maintenance 

adjustment, the state restored as before, the jitter problem was solved.

spark plug

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