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Porsche Tow Eye Cap

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :4-10 working days

Supply capacity :10000pcs/Month

The rear bumper trailer cover includes: rear bumper right trailer cover, rear bumper 

trailer cover, rear bumper left trailer cover. 

Role: used to protect the rear trailer hook,prevent the bumper from falling off.

screw holes from corrosion and damage

Item: Tow Hook Cover

Part Number: 95850515600G2L



Submodel:Base ; Engine:V6 3.2L

Submodel:Base ; Engine:V6 3.6L M55.01

Submodel:Base ; Engine:V6 3.6L M55.02

Submodel:Diesel ; Engine:V6 3.0L MCN.RB

Submodel:GTS ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.01

Submodel:GTS ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.02

Submodel:GTS ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.20

Submodel:GTS ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.40

Submodel:GTS ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.51

Submodel:GTS ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.52

Submodel:GTS ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.70

Submodel:S ; Engine:V6 Turbo 3.6L MCU.RA

Submodel:S ; Engine:V8 4.5L

Submodel:S ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.01

Submodel:S ; Engine:V8 4.8L M48.02

The cover covers the tow hook socket in the front bumper cover. If you are missing, please replace it to complete your look. Primer and prepare the paint.


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