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Porsche New Cayenne Shock Absorber Pump

Brand :Porsche

Product origin :Guangdong

Delivery time :2-3 working days

Supply capacity :1000 sets/ Month

 Porsche New Cayenne shock absorber air pump is mainly composed of compressor motor, pressure reducing valve, overpressure valve, residual pressure valve, air dryer, air filter, etc. The air filter is located in the unit of the shock absorber pump. Externally, its working principle is to use compressed air as the driving air source. When working, the gas boosting pump works reciprocally. As the output pressure increases, the reciprocating speed of the shock pump is slowed down and stopped. At this time, the air pump is activated. The output pressure is constant, the energy consumption is the lowest, and the components stop moving. The pressure of the pressure-holding circuit drops regardless of the cause, the pump will automatically start, supplement the leakage pressure, and keep the circuit pressure constant; in the normal driving mode of the car, depending on the load, The working pressure of the shock absorber air pump is between 600 and 1000 kPa, and the pressure is provided by the electric compressor. Because the piston pump has a simple structure, it is easy to maintain and repair.

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