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Porsche Cayenne ignition coil

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :3-5 working days

Supply capacity :10000pcs/Month

Ignition coil detail:

1.The outer casing of the coil is designed to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking.

2.Suppressing radio frequency interference (RFI) to minimize electronic noise

3.Helps ensure engine performance while maximizing fuel economy, reducing exhaust pipe 

emissions and RFI interference digital.

Ignition coils (also called spark coils) are induction coils in automotive ignition systems 

that convert the low voltage of the battery to the thousands of volts required to generate 

an electric spark in the spark plug to ignite the fuel.

Modern passenger cars can use one ignition coil for each engine cylinder (or cylinder pair), 

eliminating spark plug cables and distributors that are prone to failure to direct high voltage


The cause of the ignition coil burnout is mainly the breakdown of the insulation layer or the 

damage of the switch transistor. The spark plug gap leads to large load of the main coil, large 

heat generation, fast aging of the insulation layer, small gap of the spark plug, large discharge 

current of the secondary coil, large heat generation, and aging of the insulation layer. Fast, the 

assembled ignition coil may have poor durability of the insulating material, large internal 

resistance of the coil, and low life of the tertiary tube.


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