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Electric Trunk Opener Tailgate Suitable For Nissan C27

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Electric Trunk Opener Tailgate Suitable For Nissan C27,Although nissan, Honda and Toyota are both mainstream Japanese automobile companies, they choose different technical solutions for new energy vehicles. Taking e-power plug-in hybrid as the transition and aiming at pure EV electric vehicles, nissan seems to be more eager to make a step in one step and more radical to some extent.


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As more and more countries have announced plans to consider and announce the suspension of sales of traditional oil-powered vehicles, for major auto companies, vigorously developing new energy vehicles has become a matter of vital importance to their survival, rather than a matter of political correctness. Nissan also took advantage of the Tokyo auto show to officially launch a new all-electric model, the Leaf.

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Although nissan, Honda and Toyota are both mainstream Japanese automobile companies, they choose different technical solutions for new energy vehicles. Taking e-power plug-in hybrid as the transition and aiming at pure EV electric vehicles, nissan seems to be more eager to make a step in one step and more radical to some extent. The new leaf not only greatly increases its maximum range to 400km, but also takes the lead in introducing many leading self-driving technologies at attractive prices. The new leaf was the first to be tested at nissan's headquarters in yokohama during the Tokyo motor show.

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The design of the new leaf is really beautiful, and sometimes you have to admire Japanese engineers for their meticulous attention. Nissan motor co. 's ergonomic tests showed that a 45-degree charging port allows drivers of all heights to easily and comfortably connect to a charger, the company said. Therefore, engineers redesigned the Angle of the front charging port to meet the standard of 45 degrees, enabling drivers to connect the charging cable without bending down, thus improving the convenience of charging. This, in popular parlance, is about improving the user experience.

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I believe that the friends who have seen the old leaf will be impressed by the appearance of the old model, because the "avant-garde" design at that time, even now seems to be difficult for most people to accept. Nissan's designers explained that because there were no other mass-produced electric cars as a reference point, the redesign would be more ambitious. But the new leaf is a different story, because both technical improvements and the development of the market make it very promising as a 'volume' model that needs to be more acceptable to most people. Although the size of the body and the difference between the old model is not large, but in fact from the inside to the outside or a considerable change and improvement.

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Nissan engineers told us that the new nissan leaf's body design was optimized based on aerodynamic principles, including streamlined rear bumpers and aerodynamically-designed wheels, which resulted in a low wind resistance coefficient. Driving texture has improved the intelligent driving system is easy to use and practical

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Because this test drive activity is a global media experience in batches, so the time in the car experience is very limited, and this is in an internal experience site of nissan, due to the site confidentiality reasons can not shoot more material, so I can only briefly talk about the preliminary feelings and some technical characteristics. In the future have the opportunity to further test the experience to bring more detailed test report of the drive experience mainly around ProPILOT automatic driving, automatic parking ProPILOT Park and e - Pedal electronic Pedal three projects.

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Because electric powertrain of maximum power and torque are better than the old one had improved significantly, especially thanks to the physical characteristics of the motor, from the start can output the maximum torque of 320 nm, so even if the car do the four men, a new leaf is still quite easily start, in mild "zi zi" sound, the speed of ascension is very smooth and fast, soon arrived at 80 km/h. According to the official introduction, e - Pedal function is turned on, the driver only need to control the accelerator Pedal, you can easily complete vehicle starting, acceleration, deceleration and braking operation. In other words, when the pedal is released, it ACTS like a brake by recycling energy and braking the wheels at the same time. The lower the speed, the stronger the braking sensation. So when you let go of the throttle, the car will stop very quickly and smoothly. Although e - electronic Pedal nissan Pedal reduction rate is as high as 0.2 g, but if there are any dangerous situation, or have to brake Pedal brake.

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All the acceleration was quiet except for the sizzling sound of the motor running. After pressing the ProPILOT auto-pilot mode button on the steering wheel and setting the speed, the leaf keeps a safe distance from the car in front of it. The car body is stable in the middle of the lane and follows the car in front to turn and move forward. You only need to gently hold the steering wheel with your hands. It's really interesting to watch the steering wheel turn left and right automatically. Because Japanese regulations do not allow true autonomous driving, and because of safety concerns, hands must not be off the steering wheel. An alert lights up on the dashboard screen when you leave for more than five seconds.

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Although the experience was very short, I got a general understanding of the new leaf through three small projects. Stronger power output, optimized body weight and center of gravity, yes, the dynamic performance of the leaf is significantly better than it has been in the past. The compact chassis feels much better than those of the popular mainstream models such as the sleek and versa. In addition, the calm behind the car is still very good, when the speed reaches 120km/h, on both sides of A column and the rearview mirror at the start of A slight wind noise into the car.

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The leaf since its launch in 2010, in a reasonable period of time is pure EV electric car sales champion, and now a new leaf in Japan's pricing is close, subsidies before tax price and RMB 230000 or so, if you count the subsidies, may also just is a little expensive than versa, in charging infrastructure is developed in Japan, is very attractive. If domestic charging facilities can also catch up as soon as possible, I believe that after the introduction of domestic charging facilities, they will be welcomed by the market.

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