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Mitsubishi Spark Plug

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :5-10 working days

Supply capacity :20000 pcs/month


  • Thread Size: 14mm

  • Thread Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Seat Type: Gasket

  • Resistor: Yes

  • Resistor Value: 5K Ohm

  • Reach: 19mm (3/4″)

  • Hex Size: 5/8″ (16mm)

  • Terminal Type: Solid

  • Overall Height: ISO

  • Gap: .043″ (1.1mm)

Center Electrode

  • Material: Iridium

  • Type: Fine Wire

  • Size: 0.6mm

  • Projection: Projected

Ground Electrode

  • Material: Platinum

  • Type: Fine Wire

  • Shape: Taper Cut

  • Quantity: 1


  • Torque Specs: Cast Iron: 18-25.3 lb. ft. Aluminum: 18-21.6 lb. ft.

  • Brand: NGK

  • Heat Range: 6

  • Longevity: 80-100k

Today, 95% of the cars use nickel-copper alloy spark plugs, which are so-called ordinary spark plugs; while sheet metal spark plugs and platinum spark plugs are called precious metal spark plugs, which are generally only used in high-performance engines.

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