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Hyundai Injector

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangdong

Delivery time :5-10 working days

Supply capacity :10000pcs/Month

Long-term use of appropriate fuel additives can effectively reduce carbon deposition in the engine, especially to extend the service life of injector.

6pcs Fuel Injector 35310-37150 9260930004 for Hyundai

Injector Part : 9260930004

Flow rate: 19 lbs/hr,  200 cc/min at 43.5 psi (3 bar) 

O rings: New Viton Top and bottom

Resistance: 12.2 Ohms

aftermarket fuel injection

Important of Injector for your car:

The nozzle is not working normally, which is a relatively serious fault. The light is short of cylinder power difference, the heavy point does not burn engine oil, even engine top cylinder (too much fuel). Because fuel injection hole is too small,high temperatures during auroral punching can cause discoloration of metals to varying degrees.not bad quaity.

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