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Ford Tailgate

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :4-10 working days

Supply capacity :1000 sets/month

Why install Electric Tailgate?

The tailgate of the SUV is heavier than the rear door of the car. The pole is directly pointed to the tail. The strength of the single pole is weak, uneven force, and long-time use will cause deformation of the tailgate, such as poor sealing and danger.

Electric Tailgate supports multiple controls:

Because the system was able to pass the original car protocol, there was no need to destroy and retrofit in Ford's improved electric tailgate lift system. It is compatible with the original car key and can be opened by remote control of the original car. Of course, you can also open the backend box on the dashboard. In addition, there will be an open key on the tailgate, which can also be used to automatically close the door.

Why choose our Electric tailgate?

1. Shaft treatment:One-time zinc alloy connection for stronger.

2. Motor:Motor of our product is shorter,means that higher level of technology, smaller sound and wider adaptation.

3. ECU control box:Aluminum alloy electrolytic plate, heat dissipation holes on both sides, the static electricity generated by the work can be timely channeled and effectively dissipated, and the stability is greatly increased.

4. Spring of our spring:Longer than other merchant products. Adopting imported spring steel and Korean wire drawing process technology, it is resistant to decay and durable.

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