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Cadillac Oxygen Sensor

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangdong

Delivery time :7-10 working days

Supply capacity :10000pcs/Month

Product parameters

CadillacCTS2008-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2008-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon2.82792ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2009-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2009-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon2.82792ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2010-- [2002-2014] SaloonSaloon3.63564ccm 271HP 199KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2010-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2010-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon2.82792ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2011-- [2002-2014] SaloonSaloon3.63564ccm 271HP 199KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2011-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2011-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon2.82792ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2012-- [2002-2014] SaloonSaloon3.63564ccm 271HP 199KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2012-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2013-- [2002-2014] SaloonSaloon3.63564ccm 271HP 199KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2013-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2014-- [2002-2014] SaloonSaloon3.63564ccm 271HP 199KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2014-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2015-- [2002-2014] SaloonSaloon3.63564ccm 271HP 199KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2015-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2016-- [2002-2014] SaloonSaloon3.63564ccm 271HP 199KW (Petrol)

CadillacCTS2016-- [2002-2016] SaloonSaloon--3564ccm 309HP 227KW (Petrol)

Product description

If the oxygen sensor is damaged or the heater fails (the heating sensor is damaged), it must be replaced. If the sensitivity of the oxygen sensor is reduced by carbon pollution, the problem can be solved by cleaning. Carbon deposition has always been a problem in cars, which is hard to avoid, especially for older cars. Carbon deposition at throttle, back of intake valve, nozzle and other places will directly affect the performance of the engine. Over time, carbon deposition is mixed into oil mud, and it is also easy to cause cylinder wall lacerations, air leakage and serious decrease of dynamic performance. In fact, it is difficult to avoid carbon deposition, but we can pay more attention in the ordinary driving, such as reducing idle running time as much as possible, avoiding long stop-and-go, often running at high speed, etc. The most important thing is to clean carbon deposition when engine performance drops, and cleaning is also the only effective solution to carbon deposition.

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