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Buick Side Step

Brand :Luanbo

Product origin :Guangzhou

Delivery time :5-10 working days

Supply capacity :1000 sets/ Month

Product detail:

Material:Aluminum alloy

Function: Easy to get on and off.

Size: 1.8*0.12*0.03m

Weight: 35-40kg

side step

Electric side step advantage: 

1. Waterproof motor,Long service life.Electric side step motor assembly works continuously for 50,000 times.The door switch operates continuously for 2000 times.When power is off,motor self-protection,restart the work stand self-locking protection after detecting the normal environment,power saving technology,the remote control turns on the motor to work automatically and automatically turns off when it is off.effectively save the car's electricity.

2. Intelligent power saving and low energy consumption.Only 24w power is required for each startup work.When it is not working, the control power will automatically cut off the power and no longer supply power to the motor,does not destroy the original car route wire.

side step motor

Product packing

Customized thick cardboard boxes,additional product protection in all directions,at all costs only for better protection products,shockproof, anti-pressure, moisture-proof.

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