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  • Mazda Injector

    Mazda Injector

    Each nozzle is tested by the machine to ensure the same amount of oil, no oil leakage and good atomizing effect

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  • Hyundai Injector

    Hyundai Injector

    Long-term use of appropriate fuel additives can effectively reduce carbon deposition in the engine, especially to extend the service life of injector.

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  • Nissan Injector

    Nissan Injector

    One of the key components of the electronic injection engine is injector, which will seriously affect the performance of the engine.

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  • VW Injector

    VW Injector

    If you're making your own K04 turbo kit for your 2.0T FSI engine, you'll need this set of Golf R fuel injectors to prevent the dangers of running lean.

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