36532-RAC-U03 Oxygen Sensor For Honda Accord 2.0 2003 Year /CM4

36532-RAC-U03 Oxygen Sensor For Honda Accord 2.0 2003 Year /CM4

Auto Parts Good Price For HONDAs O2 Oxygen Sensors OEM 36532RACU03 36532-RAC-U03.
Product description

Item name

Oxygen Sensor/ Lambda Sensor




Honda Accord 2.0 2003 Year /CM4


12 months


Neutral Package or according to your requirement

Delivery time

3-5 days after confirm order

Payment terms

EXW-Guangzhou, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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DHL, FedEx, TNT, by sea or air

General detection method of oxygen sensor

1. Check the resistance of oxygen sensor heater. 

Remove the sensor plug, oxygen sensor is measured with a multimeter resistance side plug the resistance 

value between 1 and 2, specific standard should refer to the specific models of maintenance manuals, but 

in general, should be between 4 ~ 40, if do not conform to the standard, should replace the oxygen sensor. 

2. Check the feedback voltage of oxygen sensor. 

Refer to the maintenance manual of the tested vehicle, find the auto oxygen sensor signal line, and insert 

the copper wire in the wire into the socket of the corresponding operation. Then plug in the connector and 

measure the voltage of copper wire to the negative electrode with a multimeter dc voltage. Note that the 

digital multimeter must be used, and the copper wire must not be used, otherwise the oxygen sensor will 

not be recoverable. When starting the engine and the water temperature reached 80 ℃ at least, make 

the engine several times after the 2500 r/min to keep engine speed 2500 r/min, and watch the multimeter 

display voltage, voltage should be between 0.1 1.0 V in the rapidly beating, voltage should be in 10 s 

change at least eight times between 0.1 1.0 V, if the voltage change slowly, it is not necessarily the 

oxygen sensor or malfunction with the feedback control system, may be covered by carbon and oxygen 

sensor surface sensitivity decreases. This allows the engine to run at a high speed for a few minutes to 

clear the carbon, and then to see if the oxygen sensor signals are in compliance.

oxygen sensor

auto parts sensor

auto parts oxygen sensor

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