OEM 22690-ED000 Oxygen Sensor For Nissan

OEM 22690-ED000 Oxygen Sensor For Nissan

Nissan Micra March Note Tiida 22690-ED000 1.4 1.6
Product description

Item Name

Oxygen Sensor/ Lambda Sensor






12 months


Neutral Package or according to your requirement

Delivery time

3-5 days after confirm order

Payment terms

EXW-Guangzhou, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Shipping method

DHL, FedEx, TNT, by sea or air

What causes oxygen sensor damage

1. Air flow meter failure.

The performance of the air flow meter deteriorates. The signal transmitted to the ECU is not accurate, 

resulting in the engine always being in the mixed gas concentration state, causing the damage or 

degradation of the Auto Oxygen Sensor suppliers. At this point, the fault information read by the fault 

diagnosis instrument may be "mixed gas exceeds the limit of adjustment", "oxygen sensor is poor", etc.

2.The oxygen sensor itself is dirty.

Blocked the exhaust hole, less than oxygen in the exhaust gas oxygen sensor detection, high output voltage 

signal, ECU mistaken for a rich mixture, and thus to injector decrease injection instruction, causing too loose 

mixture. At this time, each cylinder spark plugs are white, because of lean mixture, combustion rate is slow, 

not burn the fuel into the exhaust pipe, the HC content is too much, secondary combustion, exhaust pipe burn 

caused by burn red red or inlet of the turbocharger. The work task of the three-way catalytic converter is too 

high and the temperature is too high.

oxygen sensor

Oxygen Sensor production process

auto parts sensor

auto parts oxygen sensor

aftermarket sensor




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