HH-211500-7510 Oxygen Sensor For Nissan

HH-211500-7510 Oxygen Sensor For Nissan

Oxygen sensor is the major sensor component in electronic fule injection engine control system ,and is the key part to control automobile exhaust emission,reduce pollution to the environment and improve fuel combustion quality of automotive engine.
Product description

HH-211500-7510 Oxygen Sensor For Nissan

Item name:                                             Oxygen  Sensor

OEM:                                                       HH-211500-7510

Application:                                             Nissan

Warranty:                                                 12 months

Package:                                                 Netural Packagr or according to your requirement

Delivery time:                                          3-5 working days after confirm order

Payment terms:                                       TT, Western Union, Paypal

Shipping method:                                    DHL, FEDEX, TNT, By sea or air

Oxygen sensor was born in 1976 in Germany Bosch company, its unique electrochemical reaction 

principle is used to detect oxygen content in engine exhaust emissions, ECU according to the result 

of continuous detection of oxygen sensor, the last judgment before the nozzle spray quantity is more 

or less, and the fuel injection quantity of continuous adjustment, to keep the engine cylinder under the 

condition of different rotational speed and power output as far as possible to realize the purpose of 

the good combustion.

oxygen sensor

oxygen Sensor

oxygen sensor

oxygen sensor





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