36532-RFE-J01 Oxygen Sensor For Honda Odyssey RB1/07 Year

36532-RFE-J01 Oxygen Sensor For Honda Odyssey RB1/07 Year

automobiles & motorcycles engine parts 64cm oxygen sensors 36532-RFE-J01
Product description

Item name

Oxygen Sensor/ Lambda Sensor




Honda Odyssey RB1/07 year


12 months


Neutral Package or according to your requirement

Delivery time

3-5 days after confirm order

Payment terms

EXW-Guangzhou, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Shipping method

DHL, FedEx, TNT, by sea or air

Once the oxygen sensor failure, will make the electronic fuel injection system of the computer can't get 

oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe of information, so can't feedback control of air-fuel ratio, can 

make the engine fuel consumption and exhaust pollution increase, engine, unstable idle speed of fault 

phenomena, the surge of fire. Therefore, failure or replacement must be eliminated in time.

Common failures of oxygen sensors.

The heating unit fails (generally open);

The signal voltage is always the minimum voltage (failure);

The signal response is slow (the change time of the concentrated dilute voltage is greater than 250ms).

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auto parts oxygen sensor

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