36531-RAA-A01 Oxygen Sensor For 03 Honda Accord 2.4/CM5

36531-RAA-A01 Oxygen Sensor For 03 Honda Accord 2.4/CM5

Auto Oxygen Sensor Lambda Sensor 36531-RAA-A01 For Honda 2003-2007 Accord 2.4 CM5
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Oxygen Sensor/ Lambda Sensor




03 Honda Accord 2.4/CM5


12 months


Neutral Package or according to your requirement

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3-5 days after confirm order

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EXW-Guangzhou, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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DHL, FedEx, TNT, by sea or air

Oxygen sensor easy to failure after long-term use, and China's fuel, lubricants, road conditions also 

have a great relationship, there are two manifestations: sensor components aging and poisoning. The 

main reason for the aging of the customized auto oxygen sensor is the local surface temperature of the 

sensing element is too high. Oxygen sensor sensing element contaminated failure phenomenon known 

as poisoning. Oxygen sensor poisoning mainly refers to carbon monoxide poisoning, sulfur poisoning, 

lead poisoning, silicon poisoning, manganese lead poisoning and phosphorus poisoning. Once out of 

order, the electronic fuel injection system computer can not get the oxygen concentration in the exhaust 

pipe, the engine gas mixture tends to be high, fuel consumption will increase.

Oxygen sensor aging and poisoning are inevitable. So when the car after a certain mileage, usually in the 

8-11 million km, the oxygen sensor should be replaced. Usually should always check the car oxygen sensor 

has failed, found that the problem of timely replacement, which is also a driving safety, while reducing fuel 

consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

oxygen sensor

auto parts oxygen sensor

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