DS7A-9Y460-EA Oxygen Sensor For Ford /Mondeo 1.5

DS7A-9Y460-EA Oxygen Sensor For Ford /Mondeo 1.5

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Product description

DS7A-9Y460-EA Oxygen Sensor For Ford /Mondeo 1.5

Item nameOxygen sensor/ Lambda Sensor
Fit toFord/Mondeo 1.5
Warranty12 months

Under the environment of high temperature (above 300 degrees Celsius), capture the engine 

exhaust gas oxygen sensor in the electrochemical reaction occurs in the residual oxygen in 

detecting head, ionization reaction of poles number of charged oxygen ions adsorption 

differences lead to electromotive force, its voltage cycle fluctuation range from 0.1 ~ 0.9 V, 

small said air-fuel ratio greater than 0.45 V, incomplete combustion; Less than 0.45V indicates 

that the air combustion ratio is large and the mixture gas is too thin.

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