Oil Pressure Switch for Honda Accord/Odyssey OEM:37240-PTO-014

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Product description

Oil Pressure Switch for Honda Accord/Odyssey OEM: 


Product description:

1. Type: Oil Pressure Sensor Switch

2. OEM: 37240-PTO-014

3. Application: Honda Accord/ Odyssey

4. Size: Standard Size

5. Warranty: 12 months

6. Package: Neutral Package or according to your requirement

7. Payment terms: T/T, PayPal, Western Union

8. Delivery time: 3-5 days in stock

9. Shipping way: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx

10.  Certificate: ISO/TS16949

How do you make oxygen sensors live longer?

1. Check every 30,000 km.

Every 30,000 km check the working status of wholesale Auto oxygen sensor. If aging or failure occurs, 

clean or replace  customized Auto new oxygen sensor in time. Because the three - element catalytic 

device and engine performance will be damaged due to the work of oxygen sensor.

2.Don't let oxygen sensors collide with hard objects.

Because the auto oxygen sensor have ceramic sensitive element, if fell to the ground, or a collision 

with other hard objects, the violent vibration and impact, can damage the sensor in the ceramic element 

or element.

3. Avoid pulling the sensor lead.

This, like other electrical equipment, can lead to unreliable connections to sensors that affect the work of 

O2 Sensor.

4. Do not flush the exhaust pipe after the fire is extinguished.

Do not flush the exhaust pipe immediately when the engine is out of fire. As the exhaust pipe is rapidly 

cooled by the outside, the ceramic sensitive components of the oxygen sensor will burst, resulting in damage 

to the oxygen sensor.

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