Auto Wideband O2 Sensor For Audi

Auto Wideband O2 Sensor For Audi

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Product description

         Auto parts 06A906262Q Oxygen Sensor for VW Audi

TypeOxygen Sensor
Fit to VW Audi
BrandLuan bo
Warranty1 year

Automobile oxygen sensor is a key of efi engine control system feedback sensor, is to control the automotive

exhaust emission, to reduce the pollution to the environment, the key parts to improve the quality of automobile 

engine fuel combustion, oxygen sensor with zirconium dioxide and titanium dioxide.

Oxygen sensor feedback control system for the electronic control fuel injection device, used to detect exhaust 

oxygen concentration and air-fuel ratio of thick thin, in theory, within the engine air-fuel ratio (14.7:1) combustion 

monitoring, and sending feedback signal to the computer.


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