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Wireless charging for many cars

The wireless charger refers to a charger that is connected to a terminal device that needs to be 

charged without a conventional charging power cord. The latest wireless charging technology is 

used to transmit power by using an alternating magnetic field generated between the coils, and 

the inductive coupling technology will Become a bridge connecting charging base stations and 


The line charging technology is harmless to human body safety. The resonance principle used in 

wireless charging is magnetic field resonance, which is transmitted only between coils that 

resonate at the same frequency, while other devices cannot accept the band. In addition, the 

magnetic field used by wireless charging technology is itself for the human body. harmless.

Many people are worried that the wireless charging technology will appear just like the Wi-Fi 

and mobile antenna masts. In fact, the technology itself is harmless.

New available wireless charging for Porsche,Land Rover,Toyota ect,You can use it to 

quickly charge your phone when you are driving.This device is very simple and does 

not require installation,directly insert the original car.


Land Rover


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