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Why your car need oxygen sensor

Automobile oxygen sensor is a key feedback sensor in the control system of electronic injection

engine. It is a key part for controlling automobile exhaust emission, reducing automobile 

environmental pollution and improving the combustion quality of automobile engine fuel. 

The O2 sensor is installed on the exhaust pipe of the engine.

An engine with only one oxygen sensor controls the engine's fuel injection by monitoring the 

oxygen content in the exhaust and passing the signal to the engine control computer to achieve 

feedback control of the air/fuel ratio.

An engine equipped with two oxygen sensors, the former oxygen sensor mainly controls the 

air/fuel ratio, and the latter oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen content in the exhaust gas after 

passing through the three-way catalytic reactor, and transmits the signal to the engine control. 

The computer, so that the engine computer can judge the working condition and working 

efficiency of the three-way catalytic reactor, so as to prompt the driver to promptly replace the 

failed three-way urging device to avoid environmental pollution.

oxygen sensor

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