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Why is your car fuel consumption increased?

The fuel consumption of a car is affected by many factors, such as car condition, load, driving 

habits, terrain and even weather conditions, which will affect fuel consumption to varying 

degrees. In the vehicle condition factor, it can be subdivided into mechanical resistance, 

electronic control system and actuator status. Therefore, it is not completely possible to attribute 

the car to the oxygen sensor. However, oxygen sensing, as a very important component in the 

engine's electronic control system, does affect fuel consumption to a large extent.

The effect of the oxygen sensor on fuel consumption. When the oxygen sensor is normal, 

it will naturally not affect the fuel consumption. Only if o2 sensor is broken, the value will 

be inaccurate, which will affect the fuel consumption.

The car oxygen sensor is not the only cause of fuel consumption, but if you think that the fuel 

consumption is getting higher and higher, you can put it into the key suspects, and it is not a 

bad idea to do a scientific and comprehensive inspection.

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