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Why is the ignition coil easy to break? Do you know?

The cause of the ignition coil is broken     

Automotive ignition coils are one of the most important components in a car ignition 

system.What is the reason that the ignition coil is broken? Do you know?Here are two answers 

you can check:


1. is the spark plug equipped with the correct model? The wrong type will cause the ignition

coil to be high and damage early.

2 Ignition coil power supply system is connected, mainly in the insurance part, virtual connection 

will cause excessive load and damage.

How to check the quality of the ignition coil

Generally, the ignition coil is broken and the engine will tremble and vomit. Because there is a 

cylinder that does not work, we usually pull the ignition first to get the plug,

one cylinder and one cylinder, to see the engine change, pull a plug and the engine is more 

shaken. This cylinder works, 

the plug is inserted and pulled the same as the above method, until there is a cylinder pull the

plug engine does not change, that is, the ignition coil is broken.

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