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First of all, from a short-term plan, Porsche will launch several pure electric models in 2021, including a new-generation Macan with pure electric SUV and an entry-level sports car Porsche 718. At a time when the SUV market is gradually expanding, Porsche's decision is very sensible. The Model X, Audi E-tron and other pure electric SUV models that have appeared on the market now strongly illustrate this point. And unlike the traditional oil-to-electricity change, it is reported that Porsche will use a new architecture and platform to build this time, and overall it is very worth looking forward to.


Second, Porsche has also developed a long-term strategic plan. For example, by 2025, pure electric or hybrid vehicles will account for more than 50%, and will continue to invest 6 billion euros in the next four years for the transformation of electric vehicles. As the most profitable brand of Volkswagen, Porsche's transformation and layout can also explain the future development trend of Volkswagen to a certain extent.


Finally, in addition to planning and investing in the automotive sector, Porsche is also involved in the air field. It is reported that it will cooperate with Boeing to build a new flying car and create air traffic services. Of course, the flying car is only a brand new exploration at present, and it is not realistic to want to face the market in the short term. However, for Porsche, these R&D and investment can reserve the corresponding technology for new energy vehicles on the one hand, and lay a solid foundation for Porsche's high-end market on the other hand.

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