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What is the impact of the oxygen sensor on the car?

Method / step!

  1. The oxygen sensor provides information on the concentration of the mixture to correct the   amount of fuel injected and achieve closed-loop control of the air-fuel ratio.

  2.It is the main component that guarantees that the actual air-fuel ratio of the engine is close to the theoretical air-fuel ratio.


  3. If the oxygen sensor is broken, the engine will be unstable and the consumption will become larger. Similar to the dry battery, the zirconia in the sensor acts like an electrolyte.

  4.The basic working principle is that under certain conditions, high temperature and platinum catalysis, using the difference in oxygen concentration between the inner and outer sides of zirconia, the potential difference is generated, and the larger the concentration difference, the larger the potential difference.

   5. The content of oxygen in the atmosphere is 21%. The exhaust gas after combustion of the rich mixture actually contains no oxygen. The exhaust gas generated after the combustion of the lean mixture or the exhaust gas generated by the lack of fire contains more oxygen, but still more than in the atmosphere.

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