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The role of the oxygen sensor

The car oxygen sensor in the EFI engine control system is a very important sensor in modern 

vehicles. It monitors the oxygen content or concentration in the engine exhaust and outputs a 

signal voltage based on the measured data, which is fed back to the computer to control The 

amount of fuel injected, which is usually installed in the exhaust system and is in direct contact 

with the exhaust gas stream.

Oxygen sensor : that’s pretty much it. It’s measured the amount of oxygen to determine 

A/F ratio then send voltage as an feedback back to ECU to adjust fuel accordingly. On 96 

and newer car you have one before the cat and one after. The one after actually measure 

the effectiveness of the cat by comparison voltage with the one before.

The car usually has two oxygen sensors If the oxygen sensor is used too long or the data is not 

accurate, the engine will not be fully burned, and the power will drop, the fuel consumption will 

rise, the exhaust gas will smell, and the exhaust gas will pollute the air.

oxygen sensor

o2 sensor

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