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The function of the spark plug.

The function of the spark plug is to introduce the pulsed high voltage electricity generated by

the ignition coil into the combustion chamber,and the electric spark generated by the electrode 

ignites the mixed gas to complete the combustion.

The spark plug is one of the important components of the engine. If the spark plug does not 

work, the engine will not work. In daily use, we should pay attention to the maintenance and 

replacement of the spark plug. We can not use the spark plug for a long time, and we must 

clean the carbon deposit at any time.

I believe that everyone's kitchen has a gas stove. In fact, the spark plug is the same as the 

kitchen stove ignition. However, the ignition of the engine is much more precise. The area, shape 

and heat value of the spark determine the burning rate. And power output has a certain impact. 

So how does the spark plug work? Simply put, the spark plug generates a high voltage between 

the two poles, which generates a current, which in turn generates a spark.

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