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The Chinese traditional Spring Festival holiday notice

The Spring Festival is the first day of the lunar calendar, also known as the Lunar Year, commonly 

known as the "New Year." This is the most grand and lively traditional festival in China.

The arrival of the Spring Festival means that spring is coming, Vientiane will be revived, and a 

new round of sowing and harvesting seasons will begin. People have just passed the long winter 

of ice and snow, and have long been looking forward to the warm spring days. When the new 

spring arrives, it is natural to be full of joy and welcoming the festival.

For thousands of years, people have made the annual celebrations very rich and colorful. Every 

year from the 23rd day of the lunar month to the 30th year of the lunar calendar, the folks called 

this time "Welcome Spring Day", also called "Dust-Dust Day". It is a traditional habit of our 

people to sweep dust and sanitation before the Spring Festival.

The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming,we will have a vacation from January 28 to

February 13,if you have any products like Porsche parts you can contact whatsapp/wechat: 86 

13922715676. we fully hope have a chance to server you in the new year.

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