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Porsche's least-powerful pure electric model has hit the market

The development trend of new energy vehicles has become inevitable. Many world-class brands have successively launched their own new energy models. As one of the three major international sports car brands, porsche also launched a new model of pure electric drive, named porsche Taycan 4S. Its name suggests that it is part of the porsche Taycan family, along with Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S.

As a mid-sized model, it is 4,963 mm long, in line with the other two Taycan family models. The body, which includes a rearview mirror, is 2,144 mm wide and 1,379 mm tall, one millimeter taller than the Taycan Turbo S and two millimeters shorter than the Taycan Turbo.

The Taycan 4S also has a super-handsome look, especially when viewed from the side, with a low body and a streamlined, slant-backed roof that makes it look like a cheetah ready to spring into action. Its wind resistance coefficient has been reduced to 0.22cW, which makes its dynamic performance and energy consumption extremely high.

Of course, as a pure electric vehicle from porsche, the price will not be too low, with standard battery models starting at 1.148 million yuan and upgraded high-performance battery models starting at 1.2085 million yuan

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