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Porsche steering wheel multi-function button switch

Our Porsche multi-function buttons feel very good, consistent with the data of the original


car,the design of the tilting wheel is more convenient for the operation of the thumb.The

function keys on the right side of the steering wheel are used to switch the driving 

computer.Our quality is guaranteed and will not drop paint.It won't be so easy to fail.After all, we have 

been doing it for many years, so don't worry about this.

Three-spoke leather steering wheel design, optional other material package.The left side of the steering 

wheel controls the left LCD screen and multimedia.The right side of the steering wheel is the right LCD 

screen and Bluetooth phone control area.

The two silvers on the top two sides are used for upshifting.

The two in the middle of the left are the volume of the open sound.

The middle two on the right are songs (fast forward/rewind) or radio channels.

The one with a note is in the play mode (switching the radio, hiding the disc cd, single disc cd)

Pause playback

Cruise Control-Switch

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