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Porsche sales fell again

Recently, Porsche announced the latest sales data. In the third quarter of 2019, Porsche sold 21,629 new cars in the Chinese market, down 5.5% from the same period of last year, and the chain fell by 15.8%. The decline in sales in the third quarter also lowered the overall sales growth rate for the year, and the cumulative sales growth of Porsche decreased from 28% in the first half to 14%. From the sales performance in the quarter, in fact, Porsche's overall sales in 2019 showed a downward trend, because the abnormal sales guarantee in the second quarter was based on the lower sales base due to the adjustment of import tariffs last year, which means that Porsche sales in the fourth quarter. There is a big chance of a decline.

In addition to expanding channels, Porsche is also trying to attract more consumers by launching new products and stimulate brand sales. Since this year, Porsche has launched new models such as Cayenne Coupé, new 911 and Taycan.Among them, Taycan, which is delivered to domestic users next year, is the first electric model of Porsche. The new car is priced at 149.80-179.80 million yuan, and the voyage mileage under NEDC conditions is 465km.

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