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Porsche recalls some 911/ panamera

Recently, porsche (China) auto sales co., LTD. According to the defect automobile product recall management ordinance and the measures for the implementation of defect automobile product recall management regulations of the requirements, the state administration for the record to the national market recall plan, since November 8, 2019, recalling some imported 911, Bosch, khayman, palmer that beauty series cars, a total of 2083 vehicles.

The electronic components inside the airbag electronic control unit may malfunction due to the supplier's manufacturing problems of some vehicles within the scope of this recall. In extreme cases, it may cause the airbag and the safety belt pretension to unintentional deployment or start. It can also lead to the deactivation of airbags and seat belt pretensors, which can increase the risk of accidents or injuries in vehicles and pose safety risks.

Porsche (China) automobile sales co., LTD will entrust all authorized porsche centers in China to program the software of the airbag electronic control unit of the recalled vehicles free of charge. The software used for programming includes the additional function of checking the internal power supply of the airbag electronic control unit. In the process of programming, if the power failure is detected in the control unit, a new airbag electronic control unit should be replaced to eliminate the potential safety hazard.

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