We specialize in auto parts for ten years.Especially in Porsche auto spare parts.

Porsche new accessories on the company

Because our main product is the Porsche switch,can not meet the requirements of

customers,After discussions with the company, we decided to increase the number of products.

Better serve our customers.In the automotive parts industry, the competition for Porsche parts is 

fierce.Especially the competition of chassis parts.There are tens of thousands of

suppliers,Everyone’s price is jagged,for us, new products are also difficult to choose.But we 

have considered the needs of the market,also consulted some customers,we finally chose these 

new products.Quality is also our top priority when ensuring that the price is reasonable.

Although our products are still not many, we will slowly complete it.The so-called experience is 

the need to accumulate, our products are also, it takes time to produce, in the market to adapt 

to a period of time,This is a respect for our customers and a test of our products.We will also 

launch new products as soon as possible, I hope everyone can wait patiently.

Porsche new accessories

Distribution box motor

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