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Porsche electric pedal

Product material:Aluminum alloy

Product color:Black diamond panel

Product installation:Original car in-situ, direct installation,electric pedals are luxurious and 

distinguished, humanized.When the door is opened, the pedal will automatically extend and 

automatically retract when closing the door, which is convenient for luxury.

It is also a superior terrace for successful people.

Electric pedals, convenient for the elderly and children to get on and off,Let them not have to 

work so hard.The installation of the electric foot pedal can make the overall model more  

beautiful and harmonious;On a narrow road, let the car pass better.

Of course, the emergence of electric pedals has put our cars on the label of “smart,  

technological”. The voices of many urban SUV owners have shown that the traditional four-link 

electric pedal has reached the point of having to innovate.Most of the new things are born

under the pressure of demand.Electric pedals have been around for many years, and the  

technology is basically mature.

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