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Mobai Auto Parts pays attention to Sino-US trade situation

This is an exemption for the 200 billion US dollars of Chinese goods that have officially imposed a 10% tariff since September 24, 2018. On May 10 this year, the tariff rate for this batch of goods was raised to 25%.

The list covers 6031 items, accounting for 38%-46% of China's total exports to the US in 2017. The list includes not only high-end manufacturing industries such as electrical machinery and machinery, but also many low-end manufacturing products (such as cotton, cardboard, wood, etc.) and consumer goods (such as food, textiles, furniture).

It is worth noting that:

1 The effectiveness of the product exclusion decision has a rule of exclusion, which means that once the exemption is granted, the overpaid tariff can be refunded and will not be added thereafter. Therefore, once the application is rejected, it is a great benefit for both Chinese exporters and US importers.

2 The specific product that is exempted is not limited to companies that apply for exemption. This means that if a company applies for an exemption, the exemption for this product is not limited to specific exporters and manufacturers. One person plantes trees and everyone enjoys the cold.

Earlier, the United States has announced five tax exemption lists for the $34 billion Chinese goods that began to impose a 25% tariff on July 6, 2018.


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