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Mobai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. took the opportunity to express

Although the Porsche event in Chongqing has not yet had a final result, it is only a civil dispute. If both

parties can reach an understanding, the matter itself does not need to be too much onlookers. As for the

 Zhang Wei of the Porsche female car owner, it is a matter of education, her own reasons, as long as it is

 not illegal, others can not control. And her husband, the relevant department, will do some research in 

detail to give the audience a clear statement.

However, after the incident of the Porsche female car owner in Chongqing, the male car owner of the 

other party was protected by public opinion and did not disclose too much personal information. 

However, the Chery Tiggo car that he was driving at the time, because of the Porsche female car 

owner’s sentence: The float, actually pushed the Chery car to the headlines of public opinion.Because 

of this, Porsche once again attracted the public's attention.The so-called good things don't go out, bad 

things pass thousands of miles.We also don't want this to happen again.

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