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Mobai Auto Parts Analysis Porsche Porsche

About Porsche

Advantages: The Porsche brand is a long-established and well-received luxury brand. On the 911 car, the 911, 911 car from the first 911 in 1963 to today can be said to continue the classic one. Now, this is one of the reasons why many fans follow it. The advantage of Porsche is that it has the world's largest automotive R&D center and has taken over many engineering projects, which shows its deep strength, because this is not what ordinary car companies can do. Porsche also has close ties with the German Volkswagen. They have achieved versatility in many technologies, which is enough to make them stronger. Moreover, although Porsche is famous for sports cars, it is very flexible to engage in SUVs and engage in coupes. And they have made huge profits, which are beyond the reach of other super-running brands.

Disadvantages: Porsche's disadvantage is that it is still a high-end brand. The real auto industry boss still has to use the corolla's small profits but quick turnover to make profits like Toyota. So if Porsche can merge with Volkswagen Group, this auto alliance will Will surpass Toyota and become the new automotive industry leader.

Opportunity: There are still many opportunities for Porsche. Its current capabilities have exceeded the capabilities of an ordinary car company. Whether it is in the racing industry or the car sales industry, it has no shortages. I think Porsche should use it. I have the ability and financial resources to develop new power equipment. After all, there is not much oil reserves. Now, new energy is a hot topic.

Threat: In terms of threats, any super-running brand is affecting Porsche's business, but these are not the most important ones. It is still the last topic. If the oil is used up, all the diesel locomotives will stop. http://www.mobaiauto.com

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