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How to determine the type of oxygen sensor?

How to determine the type of oxygen sensor?Oxygen sensor :oxygen before and oxygen after?

Can it be use before and after?

To determine the oxygen sensor model accurate method is to look at the digital coding on the 

metal head,digital coding is equivalent to the id number of accessories,after-sale coding can not 

have a problem,most of the oxygen sensor 7 years after the car there is a difference between 

before and after,the funtion is not sample,parameter distinguishing and style are difference 

according to difference models,some models can be general,or your consulting our professional 

clothing,for sale is expected to answer.

The classification of oxygen sensors is divided according to materials: TiO2 type, zirconia type a.  

Titanium oxide type oxygen sensor is made by utilizing the characteristics that the resistance 

value of titanium dioxide material changes with the change of oxygen content in the exhaust 

gas, so it is also called resistance type. Oxygen sensor b. The basic component of the zirconia 

oxygen sensor is a zirconia ceramic tube (solid electrolyte), also known as a zirconium tube.

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