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How do you know if the oxygen sensor is broken?

The parts on the car are a whole, and even one damage will be affected.We must pay attention 

to the daily driving process, otherwise it is very troublesome to have a fault.

If the oxygen sensor is damaged, it must be replaced, especially the front oxygen sensor.

1, causing a significant increase in fuel consumption

2, weakened power

3, damage ternary

4, breakdown ECU

Oxygen sensor damage determination In addition to the fault code, the oxygen sensor data 

can be read from the data volume channel. If it is not moving, or the motion is very slow, the 

failure can be determined.

Damage, it is easy to increase the fuel consumption of the engine, the exhaust pipe emits black 

smoke, and the idle speed is unstable.

There is also a tendency to turn off the flame on rainy days. It must be replaced when it is good 

or bad.And the clearing fault code you mentioned is only a short-term clearing, so that the fault 

light is not bright.

The computer must be checked for its working condition after replacement. It should be noted 

that its working voltage is constantly changing. It is beating between 0.1 and 0.9, otherwise it is 


oxygen sensor

heated oxygen sensor

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