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Honda Odyssey power smart tailgate


As a top-selling SUV model, the Honda CR-V is stylish and dynamic, with smooth lines and sleek 

movements. The overall driving space is spacious and spacious, and the ride experience is good. 

It is equipped with 2.0 and 2.4 displacements. The engine is full of power and speed is fast; the 

control is comfortable and flexible, the gear position is clear, and the shift is smooth. In terms of 

comfort and convenience, the smart electric tailgates, which have always been popular in the 

market, are not fully standard, but it is inevitable for owners who have purchased low-to-

medium configurations.

Honda Odyssey power smart tailgate double pole upper suction lock,make your car 

more luxurious,Easy to install with tailgate kick sensor, only one line is needed, easier 

for you to open your tailgate.

In response to market demand, the company has developed and launched the Honda CR-V 

special intelligent electric tailgate, allowing each owner to enjoy the "classic heritage, convenient 

and intelligent" driving experience. Let your experience no longer regret, but a wonderful feeling!

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