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Function introduction of electric suction door

Electric suction door

The electric suction door is a comfortable and safe configuration commonly found in luxury cars. When the door is not closed, if you install electric suction door the door will automatically pull in until it is completely closed.

 The door frame (or the edge of the door panel) is equipped with an electromagnetic coil. When the door is opened, a current flows through the coil to form an electromagnetic field. 

Thus, due to the magnetic force, when the door is closed to a distance from the door frame, the door is automatically opened. Suck up.

Chinese name

Electric suction door

Foreign name

Suction door


Luxury car


A comfortable and safe configuration for a limousine

This function works:

1. When the door is closed, there is no need for a lot of force, which increases the comfort and makes the door closing movement more elegant.

Electric suction door

2. If the door is not completely closed, it will increase the risk. You don't have to worry about this function.

Therefore, installing the electric suction door is not only convenient, but also ensures your safety.

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