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Four major trends in China's auto parts industry clusters

                    Innovation ability

In recent years, a number of innovative parts and components enterprises in China have emerged rapidly, deepening the specialized market segments, and through continuous innovation, they have mastered the core competitiveness of advanced products. According to statistics, there are currently 7 state-level high-tech enterprises and nearly 100 provincial-level high-tech enterprises in China's auto parts industry. The improvement of innovation capability, especially the improvement of key component innovation capabilities, has given new market positions for auto parts.

                                                                    Overseas M&A welcomes good opportunities

The continued downturn in the global automotive market means that China's auto parts industry will have more opportunities to go global.

     If the overseas acquisition of parts and components in progress is taken into account, there have been more than 10 overseas acquisitions of local parts companies in the second half of 2009. The global financial crisis has given the best opportunities for local parts suppliers to leapfrog development. However, it is generally not beneficial to Chinese component companies. It is best for local parts manufacturers to take precautions and use the best time to acquire overseas high-quality assets or technologies to make them grow faster and prepare for the future integration   #porsche parts.

      We Mobai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. will keep up with this trend and adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and sustainable friendly development.    #Oxygen Sensor


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