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Expand Cooperation China and Japan Jointly Lay out Autopilot

Comparison of Intelligent Driving Planning Nodes between China and Japan.

Made in China 2025" also proposes that the market share of driving assistance (DA) and partial automatic driving (PA) vehicles should reach 30% by 2020. In 2025, the market share of highly autonomous (HA) vehicles will be about 10%-20%.

 At present, 21 provinces and cities in China have issued detailed rules for the administration of intelligent driving tests and issued more than 100 test licenses. Among them, Shanghai has conducted the first conditional test of the intelligent network connection automobile expressway. In contrast, Japan's intelligent driving planning rhythm is also close to China's. Cha Yokoyama Liv, head of the Auto-driving Seminar of the Japan Automobile Industry Association, 

said that Japan plans to realize auto-driving technology for expressways (L3 level) by 2020 and gradually expand it to ordinary highways after 2020. Since 2018, Japan has been exploring the commercialization of expressways lined up for freight transportation and has begun testing self-driving taxis, which are also preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

This is also the general trend in the future, and we will keep moving forward with the trend.


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