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Common failures of oxygen sensors

What are the performances of the oxygen sensor failure? How do you know?

The next is the performance of the oxygen sensor failure.

1.Oxygen sensor poisoning

2.Carbon deposition

3.Oxygen sensor ceramics shatter

4.Heater resistance wire is burnt off

5.The internal wiring of the oxygen sensor is disconnected

6.Oxygen sensor appearance color inspection.

The oxygen sensor has a characteristic that its output voltage is abrupt near the theoretical air-

fuel ratio (14.7:1). This property is used to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust and 

feed it back to the computer to control the air/fuel ratio. When the actual air-fuel ratio becomes 

higher, the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas increases and the oxygen sensor notifies 

the ECU of the state in which the mixed gas is lean (small electromotive force: 0 volt). When the 

air-fuel ratio is lower than the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio, the concentration of oxygen in the 

exhaust gas is lowered, and the state of the oxygen sensor (large electromotive force: 1 volt) is 

notified to the (ECU) computer.

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