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BMW 5 electric tailgate

The electric tailgates on the market are actually electric trunks. With it, you can control the 

opening and closing of the trunk of the car through the original car key, the tailgate key and the 

driver's button. The electric tailgates are generally It is only available in the mid-high models, so 

it is not surprising that the electric tailgate modification for non-standard models is getting 

more and more attention and sought after by the owners.

The traditional tailgate switch is not very convenient. For example, when there are many things 

in the hand, and the female car owner with a small body, when the tail door opening angle is 

large, it needs to be stomped to close; and for many tall bodies For men, if the tailgate opening 

angle is small, it is easy to hit the head.

BMW 5 Series electric tailgate (fit to 2018), seamless fit, perfect restoration. Strong 

adsorption, non-destructive installation, no need to leave a gap after the tail box is 

closed. Super electric suction, quiet and gentle. The electric suction is automatically 

absorbed, and the opening and closing is quiet and stable, showing the elegance of 

the new 5 series.


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