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Audi A6L install electric suction door

The passenger gets off and closes the door movement heavy, the sound is big, 

"bang", heartache own car. Getting out of the car will be checked and confirmed 

again and again, always worried about the door is not good. You can't close the 

door with your hands when it's raining or carrying heavy objects. When you get 

angry or quarrel with your partner, you close the car door heavily, further deepening

the family conflict. When you encounter friends or relatives who have closed their

doors violently again, you can say, "my car has an electric suction door, you can 

click it, it will automatically close".

Electric suction door sound is small, the action is light, return more elegant, every

time wants gently to take, can absorb automatically close, say goodbye from now 

on rough door way.

Excellent quality, starting from the product, 

Mobai Auto will care for you and your car.

Product features; simple maintenance, excellent quality, new hardware, multi-element 

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